TBD is an event series hosted by Five that focuses on all things product—strategy, research, design, development, and growth marketing.



Discovery @ FIVE: Our Secrets

Successful products don’t just appear overnight. This is why we are taking this opportunity to let you in on our secrets and present how we do product discovery, the first phase of product development.

You will hear us talk about:

  • Setting clear and measurable goals
  • Validating your ideas with users
  • Prioritizing and planning features
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VP of Product Design

Lesley Fleishman is the VP of Product Design at Five. She is based in Brooklyn and the Catskills. Lesley has 20+ years of experience in design, with 12+ years deeply immersed in all things product design. She has led large teams, agency-side and in-house, and across industries. At Five she focuses her time on setting up projects and conducting successful Discovery engagements with clients like PIMCO, Supermajority, One Vanderbilt, Wiley, Marriott, Stark Carpet, Now//with, and Orum. When screen time is over, Lesley and her family are out searching for new waterfalls to splash around in.



Sr Product Manager

Brian Monetti is a Product Strategist at FIVE based in Brooklyn, NY. Over the past 8 years he has led a wide range of projects, ranging from food ordering to bird watching to enterprise software. His current projects are for PIMCO, Sanofi, and Princeton University Press. When he finds time to escape the world of digital products, you can find him climbing tall rock faces around the world. .



Sr Product Designer

Avanti Dabholkar is a Product Manager/ Designer at Five based in Brooklyn, NY. She has five years of experience in agency and in house teams creating products in industries including finance, retail, fashion, and fitness. When she's out of the office, you can find her designing album art or making portraits of her family and friends.



Intro to Product Discovery

Lesley Fleishman will introduce you to the product discovery process we’ve been honing and refining until bulletproof. This includes five phases essential to help minimize risks and allow us to launch new products with confidence.


Research & Alignment

Brian Monetti will give a rundown of the first two phases during which we create a defined purpose and a set of goals that help us focus the Discovery process, think about the business as much as the user, and define measures of success throughout the product life cycle.


Ideation & Validation

Avanti Dabholkar will share more about our use research process and how we quickly gain a deep understanding of user’s needs, behaviors, and expectations. Avanti will show you how we plan our research studies to validate the highest risk, and highest opportunity features that are being explored.



Lesley Fleishman will reveal our modus operandi in the final step of Discovery. The process of defining is grounded in the findings of all previous Discovery activities. We exit this phase with an agreement on the scope of the MVP and a high-level roadmap.


Conclusions and Q&A